Optimal Health Organization

Organization that provides futuristic supplementation to knowledgeable health professionals and discerning individuals. This supplementation comes in the form of a complex assortment of subtle energy induced into a special water medium. The various subtle energy formulae (SEF) are designed to provide subtle energy "nutrition" to ones energy field.

Life Ionizer


Drinking Alkaline Water nourishes the body’s cells and keeps the body PH balanced, ridding the body of yeast, fungus and acid build-up. When the body is Ph Balanced, it inhibits disease growth.

- US Wellness

- Living Fuel

- East Park Pharm

- Grounding Matt

- Bio Matt

- Wholistic Bontanicals

- Dr Aruther Andrew

- North American Herbs

- Pure Herbs

- Priority One

- Wholistic Bontanicals

- Personalized Frequencies Energy Tinctures

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